Sutton Park School believes that its students have the right to learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment without the fear of being bullied. Bullying affects everyone. It is not an inevitable part of school life. Bullying in any form (verbal, physical, relational, cyber, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, racial) will not be tolerated by this school. Within the ethos of Sutton Park School, disclosure and open discussion are encouraged.

The school takes practical action to prevent bullying, and has clear procedures for reporting, investigating and resolving incidents of bullying. We believe in a pro-active, positive and restorative approach. This means all members of the school community should take an active role in the reporting and resolving of incidents. It is the responsibility of the school to deal with reported incidents of bullying involving students during school hours; going to / from school; on school trips; during extra-curricular activities and online. Unless bullying incidents are reported, the school cannot help.