School Self-Evaluation (SSE)

What is School Self- Evaluation?

The Department of Education and Skills mandates that every school must participate in the practice of self-reflection through a School Self-Evaluation (SSE) process. It is an internal, collaborative, and inclusive process that is used to continuously improve our school.

The SSE process is supported by a quality framework, Looking at Our School (LAOS) 2022, which provides a set of criteria or descriptors of quality in schools. LAOS is, in essence, a set of standards against which we can consider how well we are performing.

How do we reflect on our practice?

Information is gathered from students, staff, parents/guardians about the quality of teacher and learning in Sutton Park School.

We ask ourselves the following questions:
How well are we doing? How do we know? What are our strengths? How can we build on our strengths? What are our areas for improvement? How can we improve?

6 Step Process

The 6-step process guides schools throughout the School Self- Evaluation process. The information collected is analysed and actions plans are created based on the evidence gathered.