Mission Statement

“We nurture, inspire and empower our students to strive for excellence in all that they do as responsible global citizens.”

We are committed to:

  • Fostering a sense of identity and self-worth in each of our students.
  • Developing life-long learners with skills, attitudes, sensibilities and personal initiative that will allow each to grow into a well-rounded, confident adult.
  • Promoting the well-being of the whole person in a caring, inclusive, innovative, safe and secure multi-cultural environment.
  • Striving for high academic standards and promoting rich co-curricular opportunities and in so doing we seek to support and challenge each of our students to recognise and maximise their full potential.
  • Promoting respectful intercultural relations, increasing tolerance and acceptance of difference and fostering in our students the ability to perceive, welcome and respect diversity, while at the same time fostering an appreciation of Irish culture in which the school is rooted.
  • Promoting awareness of and facilitating our students’ ability to participate in, and contribute to, contemporary issues at local, national and global levels as informed, engaged, responsible and responsive global citizens.
  • Honouring our duty of care to and protective responsibility for all students in achieving the realisation of the rights of the child.