Learning Support

Sutton Park School offers a wide range of support for students with Learning Needs. Extra literacy and numeracy classes supplement work completed in regular classes and students are advised to follow a range of strategies to meet their needs.


Our aim is to support students within the curriculum as far as possible. The approaches used are varied and combine individual tuition, small group work, general academic counselling, study skills and organisation sessions.


The School offers support for students, with extra literacy classes to supplement work completed in regular classes. The school has worked successfully with dyslexic students for many years, using a sensitive but unobtrusive style of support. The range of intelligence is as wide in dyslexic as in other students, and our approach aims to ensure that each individual will reach their full academic potential.


Our aim is to support students within the curriculum, and the approach used is a combination of individual tuition for specific problem areas, with general academic counselling and study-skills teaching.


Students are normally seen individually, but occasionally in groups. Specific literacy problems are identified, then tackled using a structured, cumulative approach based on the “Alpha to Omega” programme. Computer programmes are used to support work on spelling, vocabulary and reading.


Specific support is provided within the examination context at both Junior and Leaving Certificate level. Reasonable Accommodations (RACE) may include an exemption from the spelling/ grammar/ punctuation in Language subjects, the use of a word processor, access to a reader and/ or frequent breaks.


The Learning Resource Department also operates a DARE facility (Disability Access Route for Education). This allows Students access to higher education colleges who because of the impact of their disability may not gain the competitive CAO points for their course.


Every effort is made to improve overall student performance through study skills, teaching students how to plan essays, revise and take exams. Contact is maintained with parents as often as possible, personally and by telephone, in order to share progress.