Intermediate School

Grades 4 – 6
Class Enrolment Age: 9-12 Years Old

Sutton Park Intermediate School builds on the most wonderful of educational experiences your child will have enjoyed in the Junior School.

At this stage we promote a more formal teaching and learning environment intended to foster a greater degree of independence, create enquiring minds resulting in transference of skills and life-long learning.

The structure of the day is quite unique and is designed to promote independence, academic excellence and positive attitudes to the educational experience.

Children enjoy the benefits of having their class teacher for the morning periods of the day and are then introduced to the specialist teachers, classrooms, resources and experiences of our Senior School. The children move from class to class, enjoying lessons of 40 minutes duration and sampling the independence and responsibility that this structure offers.

Our emphasis at this stage of schooling is very clear. We seek to offer a rich, challenging curriculum but one which promotes the highest standards in both English and Mathematics in particular. Success in these areas unlocks the door to success in all other curricular areas and to life in general.

We strive to foster in our children an appreciation of the importance of learning and to this end we emphasise the importance of the assessment of academic attainment. Each child is challenged to maximise their abilities and, where required, we seek to support those students who encounter difficulty and extend those who enjoy academic success.

Your child will be taught in a warm, supportive and challenging environment. They will experience a wealth of activities that develop them as both students and citizens.

Sutton Park Intermediate School is the perfect environment for the pursuit of high academic standards and very importantly for preparation for the methodologies and challenges offered as your child progresses into the secondary phase of their education.
A second Modern Language is introduced in Grade 4, laying confident foundations in oral and aural French in preparation for Secondary School. Specialist Music and P.E teaching considerably broadens pupils’ experience in these two key developmental curriculum areas.

Specialist ICT teaching now complements and enhances their experience in computers and interactive whiteboards. By Grade 6 our pupils are exposed to sophisticated CAD/CAM software such as ‘Solidworks’ and become experienced in creating extended projects and design briefs. Science is taught in our Science Labs and Art in our Art Studio.

The core subjects, English, Maths, Irish, History and Geography are taught in a more formal manner. Teaching and learning is focused on aiding the transition into the Secondary School.

All pupils are introduced to more extended assignments. Expectations and standards are high. We offer the facility of a Homework Club, with supervised study allowing pupils to become accustomed to orderly study and self-discipline.

All pupils in the Intermediate School are encouraged to become active users of the Library. We develop confident and independent readers using regular sessions with our trained librarians to nurture and achieve interest in all types of reading and research.

We offer an extensive range of physical activity in both our P.E and all year Clubs programme. All children in this division can opt to be served a hot meal in our canteen. Meals are served by a dedicated team of caterers and menus are changed regularly.

By the end of their experience in the Intermediate School our pupils have a full understanding and experience of the demands and challenges of Secondary School. They are confident about moving to specialist areas and have experience of the organisational requirements of coping with the Junior Cycle.