Engaging with high-quality STEM experiences in Sutton Park School at a young age can have a lasting impact on learners, as it can set the stage for their later engagement and success in these fields. Such experiences can encourage and support students to articulate and represent their explorations, discoveries, thinking and understanding which in turn can help build critical early STEM knowledge and skills. Building on this, the STEM education experience provides opportunities for learners, at each phase of their learning journey, to develop their STEM knowledge and skills in an integrated and engaging way.

STEM education in Sutton Park School focuses on developing a range of Key Skills that are essential for living and working in today’s world. Learners will engage in a range of activities that include

  • using their skills and content knowledge to creatively solve problems
  • imagining, questioning and exploring
  • collaborating with others
  • engaging in inquiry and analysis
  • innovating, designing and making
  • testing and modifying their solutions to complex problems.

Afternoon STEM Activities

  • Monday afternoon: CAD Club Room A20
  • Wednesday afternoon: STEM Club (Coding / Graphics / CAD) Room A20
    Science Club (Lab. Based experiments in the Physics Lab.)
  • Thursday afternoon: CAD Club, Room A20
  • Christmas to Easter: 1st Year Solar System Project with the Maths, Science and Graphics Departments


  • BT Young Scientist: Takes place in CAD Club, STEM Club and Science Club
  • Sci Fest: Takes place in CAD Club, STEM Club and Science Club
  • National Coding Olympiad: STEM Club
  • F1 in Schools Competition: Coach Omar Salem
  • Naughton Scholarship
  • Royal Institute of Architects Ireland (RIAI) annual exhibition
  • Institute of Engineers Ireland national week
  • National Science Week
  • Intel Young Scientist (Junior School)

Guest Speakers

  • Past pupils, parents and leading specialists in the field of STEM are regularly invited to talk to current students and mentor them where possible

STEM Trips

  • These are a regular feature of STEM in Sutton Park School
  • Recent trips have visited Amsterdam, London, New Your, Beijing and Shanghai