Significant Milestone reached for the new Hall

December 21, 2023

Throughout the day on Wednesday, 20th December – while the Junior and Intermediate Schools were entertaining the parents with brilliant plays – a significant milestone was reached in the building of the new multi-purpose hall.

Sixty-five large cement trucks ferried cement to a pump which supplied the liquid cement over a very high arc arm to the builders waiting on the ground to direct it into the reinforced beams that make up the floor of the new hall.  As soon as it covered the reinforced bars, the builders were ready to smooth it down to ensure an even floor.

The work was personally directed by head of Bourke Builders, Mr Brian Bourke (pictured).  While the upper driveway was completely out of use for the day, all went well and pupils and parents were able to reach the school safely via the central walkway.  Directing the traffic was ably carried out by Tommy with the assistance of one of the staff from Bourke Builders.

Work on the hall is progressing well and we are confident that the building will be ready for use in the first term of the next academic year.

Thanks again to all the parents who have supported this project in many different ways!